Vision & Ethos

We support, challenge and collaborate in our endeavour to provide world-class education that allows our whole community to flourish.

This vision for the AspirePlus Educational Trust is based on our core values of ASPIRE:




In AspirePlus Educational Trust schools we continually strive to create the right environment in which every child can achieve and succeed. Teaching and learning is the core of everything we do. Our aim is to provide the highest quality experience for our learners so that they can achieve their potential.  Our sponsor school has a good track record of successfully inspiring and supporting learners to ensure they achieve their own individual potential and open the doors to future opportunities. We are implementing the same model of improvement at our sponsored academy.

Our schools seek to provide a personalised curriculum, which engages, inspires and challenges all learners. We continually evaluate and adapt our curriculum provision to ensure we are doing the best to meet individual needs, interests and aspirations.  learners follow a broad, balanced curriculum which prepares them for their examination courses, but also develops their skills and character as independent learners and as young people. 

The curriculum structure in the AspirePlus Educational Trust is based on learners developing a strong core foundation of knowledge, skills and understanding. We believe that our learners deserve the very best standard of education and one that will help them achieve their goals and be successful in life. Throughout their time in an AspirePlus Educational Trust school, the majority of learners study a compulsory core academic curriculum with a focus on English, Maths, Science, Humanities, and MFL.  learners also study a full range of non-core subjects including: Music, Computing, Technology, Art, PE and Drama. In addition to the core, at the age of 14, learners are invited to choose from a wide range of options subjects, which will best support their career aspirations and offer them the best opportunities for success as individuals.

We recognise that all learners have special skills, abilities and aptitudes and we treat them as individuals.  Every member of our teaching staff know their learners well, and to promote the best learning, staff engage and enthuse learners through a range of learning activities which promote progress, achievement and enjoyment. We expect learners to participate fully in, and engage with, the learning process such that they become responsible for their own learning and adopt an enquiring approach to their studies.  We want our learners to become independent, lifelong learners equipped with the knowledge and skills they will need to become successful adults, both in the work place and in their personal lives.

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All AspirePlus Educational Trust schools are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all our learners, whatever their needs or abilities. There is a strong ethos of mutual respect, integrity and good citizenship so that everyone can feel safe, included and well supported in a caring environment that helps them to succeed.

We believe that we care most by educating best. We value the skills and talents of all our learners. We recognise that in endeavouring to achieve, some of our learners may need extra help, support and guidance on their journey from primary school transition through to Year 11. Our inclusion teams are the heart of our schools. In our schools we have our ASPIRE centre teams, dedicated to supporting the academic and emotional well-being of our learners. Our teams work with individuals, groups and families to remove barriers to progress; ensuring parents are involved with decisions about their child at every stage.

Our schools endeavour to establish a strong partnership with our parents. The support of parents is of great importance to the success of their children. Our school teams make regular contact with parents so that they can support their child by establishing professional values on the importance of good attendance, smart uniform, classwork and homework.

Every learner in an AspirePlus Educational Trust school is supported by their form tutor. Tutors are the first point of contact in a year team led by a Learning Leader. A sense of identity is carefully nurtured within each tutor and year group. Your child’s form tutor is dedicated to challenging your child to make good progress, ensuring they have the most choices available them when they move beyond school.

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In the AspirePlus Educational Trust we have high expectations of ourselves and our learners. It is essential that we equip our learners with clear understanding and the skills needed to be professional and allow them to contribute effectively to society and their chosen profession in the future.

We insist that our learners are professional learners and as part of that we insist on the highest standards of work ethic, presentation and punctuality.  We expect our learners to attend on time every day with the correct equipment and with the ability to meet deadlines for homework and present themselves professionally in their dress and work.   Through the highest of expectations of each individual from the AspirePlus community, we ensure real academic and personal success for all of our learners.

Professionalism is an integral quality of the staff of the AspirePlus Educational Trust.  We endeavour to ensure that we provide the best standards of teaching and learning and constantly evaluate and develop our systems and teaching methods to incorporate the latest research.  We do this to ensure we are providing the best educational experience possible.  In the Trust we prioritise staff training in order for our teachers to continue to experience high quality professional development that improves the learning experiences and ultimately the life chances of the learners we teach.  

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The AspirePlus Educational Trust is a caring organisation. Our collaboration ensures that we are supporting each other and working together to provide a wide range of activities and initiatives to build the character of each and every individual. learners are nurtured and encouraged to strive and improve their skills. Careful tracking and use of rewards encourage and motivate learners to prepare for their educational pathways and future careers.

We believe in building a network of opportunities to develop our learners’ academic, practical, personal and social skills. We aim to develop every child as a whole and our staff role model professionalism, respect and reliability. Our schools provide challenge for all, facilitating each learner with a chance to strive for academic excellence in every lesson. We organise a variety of learner leadership programmes each year and throughout all curriculum areas.

All our learners are provided with a wide range of rewards and enrichment opportunities throughout the academic year. Extra-curricular activities are offered to develop our learners’ talents further in addition to the balanced curriculum. We support learning in the classroom with homework clubs, revision schools and enrichment trips for our learners.

Our staff work as a close unit to support learners and their aspirations. We link with tertiary colleges, subject experts, and leaders in industry to provide a comprehensive range of activities and opportunities to inspire our young people throughout their time at school. Every learner is encouraged to build upon their strengths and develop strategies to improve areas which may require development. Targets are set from Year 7 for all subjects in the curriculum, with the expectation that they are met or surpassed, enabling our learners to reach their true potential in readiness for adult life.

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In the AspirePlus Educational Trust we actively encourage all our partners to work alongside us in instilling in our learners a sense of commitment, respect and responsibility. Our aim is that our learners can take their place in the wider community equipped to succeed, make positive contributions and enhance their personal wellbeing.  Our strong use of our ASPIRE core values allow us to develop in all of our learners a sense of right and wrong, respect for others and an understanding of their responsibilities as members of a diverse society.

All AspirePlus Educational Trust schools have high expectations of our learners and encourage parents and carers to work in partnership with us in securing the ‘personal best’ for all of our learners in all aspects of their school life. We are committed to developing excellent partnerships and firmly believe that the skills, knowledge and expertise of those around us can be harnessed and developed for the benefit of our learners and the wider community.

Our aim in the AspirePlus Educational Trust is to secure strength in our partnerships which will enable our learners to access a wide variety of academic, vocational and sporting opportunities. We value those partnerships that establish an ethos of hard work, diligence and determination where working together in mutual respect and cooperation allows all of our learners to thrive and flourish. We work closely with partner primary schools and local further education colleges to ensure that we are in a position to ensure that all of our learners are appropriately equipped to experience smooth periods of transition.

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Endeavour is an extremely important value in our Trust. The ethos of ASPIRE, and in particular the central importance of endeavour, runs through all that we do and is a characteristic we seek to develop in our learners. We seek to develop resilience in our learners and make sure they understand the importance of learning from mistakes and always giving of their best.

Our core purpose, led in schools by our Headteachers and Senior Leadership teams, is to ensure that all of our learners receive a world-class education; achieving the very best that they can in a supportive and vibrant school community.  Our teachers endeavour to serve our local community to create the best possible educational experience for our learners.  For our aims to become a reality we focus on developing our staff to be the best possible teachers and support workers in order to ensure that all learners make progress in every lesson. We believe that with hard work, motivation and self-belief all our learners can achieve their aspirations and enjoy success at school and beyond.

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